RDSC works hard to protect consumers from the rapidly growing number of compromised credit cards used for purchases on e-commerce sites. (We experience multiple fraud attempts daily.) As such, orders placed on RDSC.CA that exceed $750.00 in value, or whose billing address does not match their shipping address, will be subject to an identity verification. The customer may be required to provide additional information before RDSC will ship the order. IF the customer would like to AVOID this identity verification process, then please select EMT (Electronic Money Transfer) as your method of payment at checkout. We appreciate your patience as we enforce this policy to protect you.


Red Deer Shooting Centre utilizes Canada Post to ship customer orders. We've tried other carriers and found they all have "issues". We believe that in spite of occasional "problems” Canada Post offers the best over-all shipping service. All Canada Post shipping options are available upon request. Please note; "Proof of Age & Signature Required” is mandatory, and included in all “FLAT RATE” shipping options. Firearms must ship Canada Post, we can ship "Restricted" and "Non-Restricted" firearms via "Expedited Parcel - Proof of Age & Signature Required" service.


We take all necessary measures to ensure your order is properly packed and protected for safe shipping. However, you still have the option to DECLINE or ADD shipping insurance coverage to your order at time of checkout. All of our "FLAT RATE" shipping options DO NOT include any shipping insurance coverage. It is therefore the BUYERS responsibility to ADD shipping insurance coverage to the order at time of checkout. If there is no shipping insurance added to the order, then this will serve as the buyers willingness to DECLINE shipping insurance coverage. The Canada Post shipping insurance rate is $2.25 per every $100.00 of value.

If you choose to DECLINE shipping insurance coverage then you assume all liability and risk for loss or damage, howsoever caused, during transport. Red Deer Shooting Centre will not be held financially liable for loss or damage if you DECLINE shipping insurance coverage, therefore Red Deer Shooting Centre’s "damage/loss" responsibility ends once your package is picked up at our facility by Canada Post.

All that being said, we will always be your main point of contact should any situation come up with the shipping process and/or Canada Post. Regardless of whether you ADD or DECLINE shipping insurance, we will always work hard on your behalf to help find a resolution. We take tremendous pride in offering our clients the very best customer service in this industry.


Once you submit your order it is final. Your credit card has been charged, and we have incurred the credit card transaction fees. For outright order cancelations, we reserve the right to charge a 10% Order Cancelation Fee. This fee covers costs resulting from our time to pick and pack your order, as well as the credit card transaction fees. If you wish to cancel an order that contains a firearm requiring a registration transfer, a 20% restocking fee will apply if this registration transfer has been initiated and/or completed. If your order has been processed for shipping and/or has already been shipped, a 20% restocking fee on all canceled or returned items will apply.


Canada Post sends email notifications and tracking numbers for all shipments we send out. Please be aware that their on-line tracking is NOT real time and often reflects data that is 24 hours old. Further, if a parcel is shown as being "late" Canada Post will not accept a "Track & Trace" request until a package is a MINIMUM of 5 Business Days past the expected delivery date shown in their Service Standard. This is because over 99% of all packages will show up within that 5-day window. Before notifying Red Deer Shooting Centre that your package is "late" or "missing" please wait the required 5 business days past the Service Standard delivery date before asking us to initiate a Track & Trace request.


Canada Post has what they call a "Service Standard Guarantee". In essence they will give a date by which they will deliver a package and if they fail to meet that date then they will offer a "refund". There are a few "catches" to this offer. First, Canada Post will not allow the receiver to file the refund claim, they require the shipper to make the claim and Canada Post knows that it costs money (time) to make these claims so we are unlikely to make them. Second, they make it time consuming to file the claims, again knowing that this reduces the likelihood of claims being filed. Lastly, even when a claim is filed and paid, keep in mind they only refund the "shipping" portion of the charges, this does not include the insurance, taxes, fuel surcharge, etc. Service Standard Guarantee claims are not available with our $15 "FLAT RATE" shipping service.


No returns will be accepted without a return authorization. Goods must be returned in the same condition as received, this includes the item packaging. We will offer a full refund less the shipping costs and reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on all items. As an alternative, we also offer a refund for store credit option. This option includes a full refund less shipping costs without a restocking fee.


We do not refer our customers directly to the manufacturer for warranty. We prefer to handle all claims, "in house". In extreme cases we will replace the warrantied item ourselves and then claim it back from the manufacturer at a later date. We will also cannibalize parts from new in-stock firearms if necessary to expedite claims. Under no circumstances attempt to return a firearm direct to a manufacturer with out first consulting with us. With all claims we need a copy of your sales receipt or the order number.