McMillan A5 Rifle Stock, ATRS Infidel SA, ATRS DBM, Marble Tan

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Part #: MB-A5-SINF-TAN Brand: McMillan


The A-5 stock combines all the most requested features of the entire A-series into one professional tactical rifle stock. Compared to our other A-series stocks, the A-5 uses a beavertail forearm that is wider and flatter. The action and barrel sit lower for enhanced stability. The A-5 uses a trim pistol grip. The dual purpose butt hook is fully functional for either riding sandbags or controlling the rifle with the non-trigger hand.


  • ATRS Infidel Short Action
  • Inletted For ATRS Bottom Metal (Not Included)
  • Marble Tan
  • Integral Clamp Bar Adjustable Cheekpiece
  • Anodized Anschutz® Rail
  • Adjustable Spacer System
  • Flushmount QD Sling Base Cups (Left Side)
  • Tactical Sporter Fill
  • 1.250" Barrel Channel

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