Bravo Company USA, Enhanced Lower Parts Kit, Black

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Part #: BCM-LPK-BLK Brand: Bravo Company USA

Professional Grade Weaponry, by BCM®

This kit includes all the Mil-Spec quality components you have come to expect from BCM, along with some fantastic upgrades to include 

  • BCM PNT™ Trigger Assembly
  • BCM Pistol Grip, Mod 3
  • BCM Enhanced Trigger Guard
In a commercial market flooded with imported and low quality Mil-Spec imitations, you can trust that BCM parts are made in the USA and to the highest standards. Please look at the information below.

BCM PNT™ Trigger Assembly (Polished – Nickel – Teflon)

BCM quality, modern manufacturing processes, and aerospace coatings are combined to ensure parts last a lifetime while performing far beyond requirements established nearly six decades ago.

The BCM PNT™ Trigger and PNT™ Hammer are a precision machined Mil-Spec AISI8620 investment casting per the USGI TDP (Mil-Spec) for M16/M4 family of weapons. (not to be confused with MIM parts that are very common in the commercial market). 156/157 holes are honed to assist in perfect alignment and a smooth trigger pull.

After that, the BCM PNT™ Trigger and PNT™ Hammer then goes through a 3 step heat treat and case hardening process for optimal grain structure alignment, yielding a stronger and more wear resistance product..

The sear engagement surfaces are ground, but then hand polished for an increased smoothness up to 300% beyond the Mil-Spec.

An electroless nickel finish is applied for a smoother trigger pull with less ‘grit’ and reduced felt ‘creep’. Nickel also provides a long lasting finish that will not corrode, rust, or discolor due to oxidation.

Teflon particles are embedded in the nickel, further reducing the friction of the interface and ensuring a long lasting coating. This is done on both the BCM PNT™ Trigger and Hammer in order to provide the maximum benefit allowed by the nickel coating, by augmenting the low friction and corrosion resistance.

This assembly includes our impact resistant trigger and hammer pins. They are centerless ground to a fine finish and superior tolerances to ensure compatibility with all MIL SPEC lower receivers built per the USGI TDP.

The BCM Disconnector is stamped from a 1070 material and fine blanked for cleaner edges, double disc ground to precise size. All hammer engagement surfaces are also ground for a super clean reset.

The processes and tolerances are matched in the BCM PNT™ Trigger Assembly to create a system better than the sum of its parts.

As with all BCM Professional Grade Weaponry­­®, Made in the USA.

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