Main Operating Base [MOB]


Built from the ground up, our state-of-the-art facility will surely impress even the most advanced shooter. Featuring two ranges; [ALPHA] a 25 yard handgun range, and [BRAVO] Alberta's only 50 yard indoor rifle range approved for all types of small arms ammunition. Both of our ranges were designed to meet or exceed US Military and Government Agency specifications in health, safety and performance.


  • [6] Shooting Positions at 25 Yards
  • Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun Permitted 
  • Action Target Backstop Rated up to [50 BMG] 
  • Mancom Touch & Go Target Carrier Systems
  • Armour Plate AR500 Standard Baffled Ceiling 
  • Acoustical Sound Dampening Technology
  • [EngA] Engineered Air HVAC Systems
  • Armour Plated Firing Line Safety Ceiling
  • Action Target [Level 3] Ballistic Stalls w/Digital LED Displays


  • [6] Shooting Positions at 50 Yards
  • Rifle & Shotgun Permitted
  • Action Target Backstop Rated up to [50 BMG] 
  • Mancom Touch [Plus] Target Carrier Systems
  • Armour Plate AR500 Tactical Baffled Ceiling
  • Acoustical Sound Dampening Technology
  • [EngA] Engineered Air HVAC Systems
  • Amour Plated Firing Line Safety Ceiling
  • Action Target [Level 3] Ballistic Stalls w/LCD Touch Screen Displays


At the firing line, our custom Action Target shooting stalls feature level three ballistic protection and digital LED displays. Our target systems are government grade and built in Canada; Mancom live-fire training systems [which are more commonly found in military and law enforcement facilities] are the pinnacle of our industry. Mancom systems offer a more robust and durable design, better electronics and overall more function and reliability.

When it comes to bullet containment, proper range design is paramount. Our range baffle systems are engineered and designed by Action Target. [ALPHA] range features a standard baffled ceiling, while [BRAVO] range features a tactical baffled ceiling that will allow movement down-range for training applications. Additionally, both [ALPHA] and [BRAVO] ranges feature 3/8" armour plate safety ceilings that will provide 200sqft of coverage over the firing line.

Moving downrange, our backstops are fully engineered Action Target rubber berm systems that will offer our shooters a multitude of features and benefits. First and foremost, there are no limitations on small arms calibers, both ranges are approved for [50 BMG] Our shooters can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re shooting in a zero lead dust and zero ricochet environment.


Health and safety has always been a top priority in the design of our range. In addition to the health benefits of our backstop design, both [ALPHA] and [BRAVO] ranges are running industry leading [EngA] Engineered Air HVAC systems. These systems control the air flow and volume of fresh air with absolute performance and efficiency. Any airborne contaminates are instantly moved away from the shooter and downrange to an exhaust duct. There can be no compromise on air quality inside the range, health is our number one priority.

Another important design feature to note is our interior range dimensions. Our range walls are formed to a twelve foot overall height, from there our baffles take up an additional two feet leaving an impressive, ten foot in-range ceiling height. Moving forward we took this concept a step further; each of our twelve shooting positions feature a four foot wide lane, giving the shooter maximum comfort. It is our opinion that the more room offered inside the range for shooters, the higher level of comfort and in turn a lower level of anxiety, this is especially important for new shooters.

Our overall vision for Red Deer Shooting Centre was to create a professional shooting environment that offers our clients the very best in today’s range technology. We believe our range ranks among North America's best.

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