LOF Defence Systems, S.C.A.R. Plate Carrier, 10X12 Plate Size

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Part #: LOF-SCAR-MC-M Brand: LOF Defence Systems


Field Repairable with consistent indexing

The SCAR is a revolution in plate carrier design. Utilizing LOF IMPAC & Adaptive Component Systems (ACS) Technology, this rig enhances the effectiveness of your plates by protecting the operator from back-face. Fully field repairable operators can quickly remove or replace hardware and critical Velcro components giving them the ability to repair and customize the carrier as needed. The internal yoke and load support cumberbund system allows for a streamlined fit and consistent torso indexing when donning the system. Designed to carry .75” & 1” SAPI cut Rifle plates. (10"x12" plate size)

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